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For over fifty years Wills & Estate Lawyers at Prowse Chowne LLP have delivered Estate, Wills & Probate legal services of the highest quality to Albertans

Our firm is not only a respected name in all levels of court, tribunals and commercial institutions but also a trusted name in the community. We strive to deliver exceptional legal services as well as quality customer service.

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Our values define our practice.

Client Centricity

We visit our clients’ businesses and get personally involved
to serve our clients better.

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We utilize a practical and innovative approach to ensure
we are one step ahead of the game.

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Not only are we recognized within the Canadian court, tribunals, and commercial institutions, but also within the local community.

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Estate Planning and Wills

Estate planning is a strategic legal and financial measure, which dictates how your estate, businesses, and entities are to be handled after your passing.

Probate and Administration

Asset distribution is relatively simple when the deceased has left behind a will, since the name of the executor is generally mentioned in the will.

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